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Pono Finds His Flippers

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In a tropical paradise far, far away, a delightful little boy named Pono enjoys every sun-filled day with his best friend, Lani, a Hawaiian monk seal. While they share a true friendship of aloha – one of love, fun and adventure – they can only explore together on land. Not having flippers of his own, Pono longs to join Lani each time she heads out to sea. Learning of her son’s unhappiness, Pono’s mother helps him find his own flippers by teaching him to swim in the island’s blue waters. With his best friend Lani cheering by his side, triumphantly Pono learns to swim, and their lives are forever changed. Now the world is their oyster, and their adventures as wide as the ocean is deep.

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Pattie McCann Tracy

Pattie McCann Tracy

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Chelsea Sachiko McKeown

Chelsea Sachiko McKeown

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Pattie McCann Tracy

Pattie McCann Tracy


Pattie McCann Tracy grew up in Simi Valley, CA and found her own flippers when she was 3-years old in a neighbor’s backyard. She began teaching swimming at age 18 and put herself through the University of Hawaii by teaching lessons. She lives in Thousand Oaks, CA with her wonderful husband Jon (a former student) and their two special need pups, Rafa and Lulu.

Chelsea Sachiko McKeown

Chelsea Sachiko McKeown


Born in Ventura, CA, Chelsea Sachiko McKeown earned her Bachelor’s of Art degree with a major in Art. Chelsea’s passion started as a child when she picked up a crayon and has been creating ever since. She has done work in illustration and photography. Her experience working with young students as a professional photographer has allowed Chelsea to translate expressions into her illustration work. Having parents from Hawai’i, she loves the islands and visits often.


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Publication Date: April, 2016
ISBN: 978-1530728848
Page Count: 32
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8.5 x 8.5
Language: English
Color: 4-color
Related Categories: Fiction/Children’s


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